Bardic Vintage Books

Bardic Vintage Books

A delightful bookshop in the heart of historic Llantwit Major

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About us

We are at : 5 Church Street, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales CF61 1SB.
07546 275075
Wednesday to Saturday : 10am to 5pm and Sunday : 11am to 5pm

Bardic Vintage Books Shopfront

Bardic Vintage Bookshop is a unique slice of past and present in the centre of historic Llantwit Major. Set amongst a row of higgledy-piggledy shops, Bardic Vintage Books is an oasis of the written word. Come along to browse, read, study and enjoy bookish conversation and a warm welcome from owner Kath.

Wide View With Lights

Bardic Vintage Books is crammed with books to each corner, nook and cranny and all very tastefully arranged where you can discover old and new favourites.

Records And Books

All kinds of wonderful things!

Blind Date With A Book

There are also new books by local authors, whom you may meet in the bookshop or at any of our book events!

Welsh Books

Prices are usually bonkers, for a few pounds you can read the finest works by the best authors in history in English - and in Welsh too - making Bardic Vintage Books the place to be in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Wide Row Of Books

This simple website is just a showcase of our bookshop with photos and inspiration, so have a browse to find out where we are how to get here and what hours we keep.

Tall Row Of Books

If you have a book in mind please feel free to ring Kath on 07546 275075 or send her an email at and she will find it for you. One day we may update this site for online orders, one day :)

Another Tall Row Of Books1

Books for all ages here at Bardic Vintage Books!

Classic Childrens Books

Peppered around our delightful bookshop are high quality and unique works of art by local artistes all lovingly displayed to their advantage.

Gifts And Jewelry

Have a blind date with a book!

Blind Date With A Book Closer

All the classic names!

Agatha Christie

You never know who you might meet at Bardic Vintage Books...


Some prices are truly bonkers at Bardic Vintage Books!

Hardbacks At 1 Pound Each

Jennifer Rose Design - have a look at more of her work here :

Knitware Jennifer Rose

We host many events throughout the year, either in the bookshop, or in larger venues throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.

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Where we are

5 Church Street, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales CF61 1SB

07546 275075

Hours are Wednesday to Saturday : 10am to 5pm and Sunday : 11am to 5pm

Buses are 303, 304 and 321 :

Llantwit Major has a train station with frequent services to/from Bridgend and Cardiff :


If you are on Facebook, then you can see our latest events and news on our Facebook events page page. Or contact Kath to hear about what is coming up.